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WANConnect  was founded to serve the rapidly expanding business and home subscribers market in Cambodia. Launched in 2017, WANConnect has since become a leading provider for a wide variety of innovative communication services. WANConnect’s mission is  “To be Cambodia’s premium Internet Service Provider in term of quality and services through constant innovation & improvement while contribute to society”.

 Our company has incorporated its own fibre optic, and a custom built world class network infrastructure. Provising the need for high quality, hassle free, reliable internet services, WANConnect invested in a multitude of high quality infrastructures. These innovative solutions along with the complete package of services WANConnect offers corporations, office and home users, has made us the leader in our field.


Besides our strong technical foundation, WANConnect is actively stimulating the growth of the Cambodian community. We believes in growth, not only within our company and for our staff but also for the entire community in which we do business. That is why We has chosen to be an active partner in the Cambodian community, through a variety of sponsorships.